The Quorum Network (‘Q’) is an introduction-only membership club that connects people at the top of their professions. Our members are drawn from an international collection of accomplished leaders and acknowledged experts, who are well connected and enjoy networking with their peers, united by curiosity and enthusiasm for knowledge. Members pay an annual subscription which entitles them to attend Q events and become part of Q’s vibrant community. In a world populated by echo-chambers, we look to our members to inform, challenge and share their broad wealth of knowledge and experience with one another.

At the heart of collaboration is conversation, and real innovation comes from conversations between people who don’t usually spend time together.

Our vision for creating Q was to build a community of diverse and dynamic people and provide a medium for inspiration, creativity and collaboration in a confidential environment that promotes openness.

connecting bright minds to
create impact

Q is a peer-to-peer community for business leaders, owners and founders. Q brings together an engaged, welcoming group of successful people who want to grow their networks and discover new opportunities – without the downsides of other types of more vertical networking.  This is further enhanced by our introduction-only membership approach, which ensures that the calibre and quality of our membership is maintained to collate a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experiences from years in some of the most demanding roles.

Part of Q’s value is the ‘broad church’ nature of its membership and individual membership applications are considered with this in mind. Capped to ensure real interaction and valuable connections, members come from wide-ranging and contrasting fields yet share similar values and objectives. Curious and collaborative, our members meet to learn from one another, to forge new relationships, share ideas and explore opportunities both within and beyond their own business scope.

A peer-to-peer membership incorporating:

  • Serial entrepreneurs and leaders in their field across various industries
  • CEOs of FTS250 companies and large privately owned firms
  • Investors and non-executives with portfolio careers
  • Leaders at private equity firms
  • Senior executives and partners across the finance and legal professions
  • Leaders in politics, science, arts & culture and technology
leaders in their field
the q app
the network at your fingertips

Perfectly positioned for the new normal, our encrypted app digitizes processes to ensure a seamless and easily accessible experience for our members.

Q members can view each other’s profile, register for events and chat with fellow members, safe in the knowledge their private conversations are protected.

News content featuring Q members is curated daily, providing an up-to-date feed informing all users of the latest impact that members are making in their respective fields.

membership has its privileges

Membership at Q comes with highly curated, built-in benefits to which all members have unfettered access, including:

• An exclusive calendar of complimentary, year-round events tailored to members’ interests.

• Facilitated introductions: our members benefit from personal introductions to fellow members, providing the foundation for new business relationships to prosper. Time and again our members forge affiliations for investments, joint ventures, non-executive, board, and advisory positions. 

• Central London private members’ club access: Mark’s Club, a traditional private members’ club in Mayfair, offers Q members the opportunity to privately hire their dining and event spaces and preferential rates to all Q members, should they wish to join Mark’s Club.

• The Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL) is one of London’s most unique private members’ clubs which sits in the heart of St James’s, overlooking Green Park. As an affiliated partner of ROSL, Q members can join ROSL pre-approved for as little as £310 per year and enjoy access to the Grade 1 listed clubhouse, beautiful garden, dining options and club accommodation as well as overseas reciprocal arrangements.

• Preferential room rates and access to private workspace at Flemings, Mayfair.

a uniquely curated experience

Q brings to its members an exceptional and wide-ranging calendar of events to ensure our members have unique insight on issues of the day. Complimentary and year round, these include tailored, market-orientated insights and presentations, wine & mixology evenings, private art viewings and lifestyle events. Attendance at each event is entirely peer-to-peer, guaranteed to be free of middlemen, pitches, brokers or salespeople.

Our calendar of events feature monthly speaker breakfasts, quarterly lunches and intimate dinner events hosted by select members. Limited in size so as to be fully interactive, the emphasis is on discussion rather than simply ‘listening to a speaker’.

A great deal of thought goes into ensuring members are personally introduced to each other. By understanding our members and facilitating these introductions, Q offers the potential for new business relationships to flourish. Our aim is to promote conversations that enable people to make informed decisions about the issues that matter, in the company of leading authorities. We recognise that networking is about cultivating relationships with people. It’s about relating, not transacting business.

Our speakers come from within the membership and from outside. Always world class and authoritative, they bring their unique insight and knowledge to ensure our members are informed on the most pressing issues of the day.

Speakers include; Leading Public Figures, Politicians, CEOs, Ambassadors, and Founders of some of the world’s most successful, innovative and exciting companies.

Hosted approximately twice a month, our breakfast events are round table discussions held in private rooms with a seated breakfast. Our breakfast events are fully interactive, and it is the engagement of those attending that makes them so successful.

  • Innovative: E-commerce, fintech, cyber security, AI
  • Influential: Science, social media, economics & politics, legal opinion, software, healthcare
  • Creative: Culture, media, private art viewings & tours
  • Unique: Leading historians, international sports personalities, captains of industry

Ranging from fine dining and mixology evenings to private art viewings and tours. These events are light-hearted affairs, designed to bring members together with the focus on learning something new from an expert in the field.

Members come from a broad range of business backgrounds and often have access to exceptional lifestyle and sporting opportunities. From shooting to horse racing or golf on some of the most sought-after courses, this provides an opportunity to arrange exclusive days out. Q takes care of arrangements on behalf of members to minimise any logistical or organisational headaches. Where applicable, attending members fund lifestyle events independently.

No agenda – a chance for members to get together for a few drinks to enjoy informal conversations in relaxed surroundings.

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